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Paltalk Messenger build differences

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    this so great info i found it on by Project SP
    so you guys can see the changes 🙂

    Build 29 Changes:
    -Lock microphone option added
    -Multiple voice fixes
    -Colour gradient added to tabs and group members list
    -Whisper logic added to right click in groups
    -New hand raised icon added
    -Several other misc tweaks
    -Bug where bold font will not stick on 1st text entry fixed

    Build 30 Changes:
    -Ignore function completed
    -Double click red dot function added (per user feedback requests)
    -Several video tweaks
    -800 x 600 screen resolution window position resolved
    -Logon logic tweaked

    Build 33 Changes:
    -New lock mic bitmap added to show mic is locked
    -You can now find nicknames in groups by pressing the 1st few letters of the nickname (added per user’s feedback requests)
    -Login flow tweaked
    -Login error where program remains running in memory after wrong nickname or password was entered is fixed
    -Recently logged on pals now flash on pal tab to show they have just come online
    -Opening your group as Admin caused loss of audio for some users, this has been fixed.
    -When talking on mic and you receive an IM this was making the mc lock on, this is resolved
    -Receiving an offline msg from an offline user (who is not on your pal list) was showing the user as being online, this now shows them offline.
    -You can now only have one instance of paltalk messenger 7.0 running.
    -When trying to use the microphone at the same time as another user the ‘brick wall’ is shown but would not disappear, the brick wall now goes away as it should
    -Blocking users was casuing some people to frezze, this has been fixed.
    -Users can no longer raise hand or show the mic icon in text only rooms.
    -Group catg’s on the gorups tab where getting un sorted, they now arrange in correct order.

    Build 34 Changes:
    -Debug msg box’s removed (no publish dialog?) ECT

    Build 37 Changes:
    -File>Show group information option added per users requests.
    -Nickname ‘flickering’ in group members list reduced by %80
    -Blocking issue where causes users to freeze, if blocking a user while in a group now resolved.
    -Offline IM’s not getting delivered, this has been resolved.
    -Favorites tab now has right click join options.
    -Manage favourites added as option on favorites tab.

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