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paltalk text and mic ban?

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    Sup loco hackers!

    I made a fake myspace page of a very popular girl on paltalk(she sucks up to the reds),

    anyway somehow this bitch got paltalk to text ban me though I have never heard of such a ban.She said on the mic that she did,and when ever I type in the room or pm someone no one can see my text at all WTF LOL.I never got a pm from a co-admin or anything like that and Im just fucking pissed about it.

    Also since all this went down my mic breaks like a mother fucker(so much so that mic is useless) I have a good connection so I know its paltalk fucking with me.

    Has anyone heard of such a ban and what can I do about it?…I tried system restore but I have vista shit and I only had 1 restore point which did not go back far enough to do shit.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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