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    Dear members of Imfiles and to all of my friends on and Im-Integrations..

    We have recently secured our forum “” and we are now using 3 different kinds of spam-bot protection and ofcourse hacking protection as well! We had 1000 spam registrations in 1 month, so I had to seek help, and we found a solutions, Still many of you cannot Register, thats why I am here to tell you a very simple thing, Just (EMAIL ME) or send me a message here! I am a proud Dutchplace, Im-Integrations and Imfiles FAN, and not just a member, and this is only to you guys and members of my 3 favorit Forums.

    For registration problems Email us:

    You can send us your desired Name and your email, and we will send the new account Account details with a password to your email! You can later change your password!

    by ChiNa-Cheats Staff

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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