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    well i have been working on many things that i think will help all of you users on the site who have paltalk, but just dont like the way it is ran.well i am working on my own chat, it has all of the options as paltalk exept for reds and blues, u can make admins of channels, you can make rooms and make admins all of by multiple servers, has smilies, private messeging, buddy list, all of that.wanna check it out
    ?it will be on the site in about 4 days.

    another project i am working on is multipal, it has many programs in one for paltalk 553 and 7.0 in it, like flooders, aghe checkers,auto bouncers, dotyters, cams, load paltalk, quick sign up all of that.

    also been working on an msn, exactly like msn but has flooders, and all of the other jazz already in it.

    one more thing, my site for the chatroom i have made will be up maybe today or tomorrow, then it will be up for download under beta testing.

    past versions have been made but this is probably the bigegst change out of all, version 353, will be put up today if i get access ti the website:D.

    if you have any ideas or anything at all feel free to post it here and i will take what u say into consideration

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