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    well i have been working on many things that i think will help all of you users on the site who have paltalk, but just dont like the way it is ran.well i am working on my own chat, it has all of the options as paltalk exept for reds and blues, u can make admins of channels, you can make rooms and make admins all of by multiple servers, has smilies, private messeging, buddy list, all of that.wanna check it out
    ?it will be on the site in about 4 days.

    another project i am working on is multipal, it has many programs in one for paltalk 553 and 7.0 in it, like flooders, aghe checkers,auto bouncers, dotyters, cams, load paltalk, quick sign up all of that.

    also been working on an msn, exactly like msn but has flooders, and all of the other jazz already in it.

    one more thing, my site for the chatroom i have made will be up maybe today or tomorrow, then it will be up for download under beta testing.

    past versions have been made but this is probably the bigegst change out of all, version 353, will be put up today if i get access ti the website:D.

    if you have any ideas or anything at all feel free to post it here and i will take what u say into consideration


    n the chat prog u said u worked on the whole thing by urself , right?

    not went someplace n dl it open source n edited all the strings to make it look like u did


    how would i be able to do that?damn i been talking to loco, he knows about me workin on do u think i got the 1000 paltalk files?i work man, something u need to give me credit for.u must be 17, but u think u no it all.but when did u learn?u must have been my age when u started didnt you?

    and about the chat no i didnt do that, the codes i got from other people were listed in the coding, and i am making a thanks oart to the chat for the people who have helped me out with the chat.

    i dont take codes, i use them for purposes to make my own words worth making.something i guess u still didnt learn after all u been living.

    u need to respect something people on the site, not just desctiminate againt me cause u know i can do some things better then anyone on the site, exept for ice and hacky.


    lmao @ u juss kissin ices ass

    wow ice u scare that lil bastard for some reason
    keep up good work

    anyway i ma go read some more posts


    Everybody who programs for paltalk are noobs in the first place when you think about it just like the yahoo losers who make booters none of yeah are real programmers you only know the “Basics” dont dare call your self’s programmers tilll you make some paltalk stuff in C# / C++ or ASM or Delphi or J++ Thoses are real programming languages not saying i am any better but most of you think your really programmers you only know VB6 Make a paltalk program in another language and submit it to PSC show you really are paltalk programmers 😉


    well syxx im not fkin scared, i jjus hate when ppl dissen on me when ppl like u cant make shit besiedes antibans, i make things that dont have to do with paltalk, a chat like this is something ur fat ass can never consider trying to make


    dude why u say syxx cant make a chat like u can

    any mother fucker can juss dl code offa planetsourcecode or whateevr the site is n replace everythin

    no challenge in doin that


    i dare u to find a code that has bans, bounces, freezing nicks, admins, room making, buddylist, filre transfer and all of that, i dont think u wull find one like many options to be giving away the source code for free


    listen mofo do i really care to make another chat prog ? no

    how about u even come close to shit i have done

    all u ever do is program in lil vb codin
    u used to beg for codes
    now u stole some code
    n discovered API
    n now u call yaself some elite programmer

    i aint gon sit here n make some prog that does all this shit juss to prove ur lil bitch ass


    no, meaning u can in other words, i am elite, no but im getting their, i work hard for the shit i do, i buy books, i go on google, only code i got from pscode was the pop up blocker i made, ONLY ONE.


    *clap**clap* 😕


    Your a moron kiddie you can make a chat program but you will never have the money to pay for a server to use your program on.its cost a shit load of money we are talking tons many reasons why.

    1. DDoS Attacks
    2.Hardware replacements

    im sure i can keep the list going but you wont ever get your chat program going with out a real job kid getting money from mommy for cleaning house wont get it man.


    Dont Forget A License Patent
    For Your Company And Chat Program..
    Also U Got Pay Taxes On it lol Dont Forget that..
    And U Could Always Get A Loan But Make Sure U Can Pay It Back
    The Other Thing About Server Its Lots Of Money Because U need Server Databases Server Hubs.,Everything To Get Your Chat Program On Sercure Network.. U Will Need Mod’s Or Helpers To Managed Your Chat. If u Think U Can Manage It On Your Own.. Have Fun Doing That Because Its Alot Of Work.. And I Mean If Thousands Of People Come On..
    Also U need A Office I Mean A Big Office Space Unless U Want put In A Room.. Theres More And More.. But im not Going To Say Anymore lol Dont Want To Make 2 Pages Out Of This.. 🙄


    exactly right h@cky, but that would be a problem if my friend didnt own a server already, he talks to people and he takes care of all of these issues, for now the server runs off his pc from a prgm i made, he runs the orgm, then ppl can log on from his ip address, till me make a permanent replacement.

    i dont need ot get an office, i dont plan on making it a buisness, ma all my friends and my friend ben, who bought the site and server already, are going to take care od it all.

    so its not really a big deal for me, alls i am is tech support, and the mods are already listed, we have about 20 of em for now, if we need more then we will get more, but we are ok with all of that for now.



    I’d sit here and type all the comments i’d like to make, but that would take awhile and im tired from practice right now.

    So to cut things short:

    1- Syxx, lol how you gonna lecture on “Programming” ? What have you done? I’ve seen your “submissions” on psc. WTF would ANYONE want source to a PALTALK parental controls remover ……. If your saying VB is not a real programming language, go read some books honey 🙂 People get PAID to develop applications in Visual Basic. I really don’t care what you have to say about it, why would i make a program in C++ for paltalk when i could do the same program in like 5 minutes using VB. You chose your language based off of the requirements for the program. Thank You, come again

    2- Sk8er…… blah. If you didn’t code the chat program from scratch( aka “New Project” ) then don’t give yourself much credit. Alot of the difficulty with a Chat System is figuring out where to start and how to go about things. I spent about a weeks worth of spare time to get my chat system off the ground, all i’ve got done is the login/registration part and now working on the buddy list / private messaging. Also i will build my file transfer methods in c++ and export to dll for easy, and FAST transfers through VB. I am not saying your dumb or haven’t done a chat…just saying you not done it all by yourself and starting from nothing.

    3- anyone else?


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