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    All who use yahoo knows This and dont need to ready it ( i guess 90% of the forum) lol.anyway.I just wanna Start a Subject about Yahoos Fucking NO reason Support.It suck it stink and its retard..And The “Abuse-responder mail” is Nice shit! LOL.The same mail everytime .. I lost 2 accounts (Web-hosting account and a Chat account) aight.First i called due to the yahoo chat account.They said they would look into it .(4 weeks later ) no anwser.hmm Fucked.So i tested em.I Lost my Web-hosting account 2 weeks before the 4 perioe weeks.I called em.Told em about it.They Got me it back in like 2 Do they like only SUPPORt thier PAID members? look like i know this post can feal strange.but its just .to talk about Yahoo and there Retard,bitchie Faggot Support.well Comments are welcome ;)!

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