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ZamTalk Messenger

ZamTalk is a chat program similar to Paltalk. You can go into chat room and chat with people from around the world. It reminds me of Paltalk classic.

Some of the feature of Zamtalk:

  • Voice Chat with Superb QualityPhoto Gallery
  • Webcam with Superb QualityOnline Games
  • Public Rooms with Room Admin PanelNew GUI (Graphical User interface)
  • Create Private Room FacultyMulti Color Nickname Services
  • Join Multiple RoomsGame Trivia Bot
  • Different UI Themes (User Interface)
  • Built-in Public Room Creator & Configuration
  • Superb Voice Quality

1 thought on “ZamTalk Messenger”

  1. I’ve been on ZAMTALK for a few years now and enjoy it. Yes it is similar to PT classic with some of the same features and prices are reasonable for colored nics….If ya looking for a alternative to PT Classic come over and give it a try Black nics are free plus ya can view 1 cam with a black nic. Hope to see some PT refugees over there My nic there is RICKinFL

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