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Auto-Reply PM’s With Color Fader v1.1

Auto-Reply PM’s With Color Fader by ChiNa-Man is the Paltalk PM Auto Responder with a cool new feature. With this version you can send the reply in fade color. The fades will change color as the text progresses from one side to the next. This makes the messages look better when they are send to the to people it reply too. Thanks to ChiNa-Man for allowing us to have this version in the download side 😉

New Options Added:
– Ideal Timer (Ideal Timer for going in IDEAL Mode)
– A Better Platform, More reliable & Faster
– Color Fader (Send or Reply with Colored Text)
– Send Text in Room & PM Chat (With and Without Color)

5 thoughts on “Auto-Reply PM’s With Color Fader v1.1”

  1. Hello ri0, I think I did reply, but obviously I had to login first and then add a comment! Thats why my comment hasnt been submitd! Anyways! Can you please tell a bit about why you cant get it to work! I will add a link to our forums. There are 3 Different Versions you can download and make sure to add a about why the tool is not working, if you see any errors or any other sign! Here is the link to the all the versions released so far –>

  2. Hello bro i cant open this program. the problem is :- NET Framework Initialization Error To run this application, you must install one of the following version of the .NET Framework: v4.0.30319 contact your application publisher for instruction about obtaining the appropriate version of the .NET Framework.

  3. ri0, You need to Visit the link I am going to add in a second! Remember that if it says you need 4.0….. Then Installing the Net Framwork 4 should do the job! Visit this link >>… Download Microsoft NET. Framework from the link and install it! It may take some time because its a WebInstaller, but that best to use because the web installer will make sure to get you the latest build of the 4.0! And that should work for you! Else as I wrote above, please visit our forums for further help, because this section is not for help or for solving issues! Thank you!

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