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Paltalk 10.2 Beta 435

Paltalk 10.2 Beta 435, here we go paltalk updating to a new version 🙂 Paltalk 10.2 which in this version still in beta even thou it doesn’t have the beta on the paltalk name it out. Apparently this is more a bug fixer than anything else that I notice, Paltalk 10.2 some have mention had fix room issues as the spanding windows and more.

2 thoughts on “Paltalk 10.2 Beta 435”

  1. when I go to load paltalk 805 it comes up with 806 and it says the dll files are missing and I can not laod the paltalk bot either the paltalk bot always did work for me and now it won’t

  2. Diane

    How can I download this. I need a new one becasue the I have got has the viedo and I can see who his typing so this happen when indie the
    on .my phone

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