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Paltalk for Mac

Paltalk for Mac is a Paltalk made for mac users. This Paltalk for mac version is all in one window. In this Paltalk version everything will be located in that window, rooms, messages ect.. It was a good idea for Paltalk to do this although it might be difficult to create programs for it if they ever do this in the windows version. It looks great and it seem very user friendly. They in Beta stage so expect bugs when you install it.
You can read more about the beta Paltalk for Mac version here.

6 thoughts on “Paltalk for Mac”

  1. They are distributing a beta of the PC version now. As was mentioned it seems to use the QT cross platform framework for Mac and PCs. I hope they come out with a Linux version so I could ditch my Windows.
    It is in a primitive form at the moment with no font changes and most admin tasks not enabled and few setup preferences. I don’t think they’ll force it on people for another year at minimum.
    It is going to break every program out there. It is using QT controls and I’m too novice to understand what that means or how to program for it. The most information I could see on the QT windows was using the latest Ranorex Spy on it as Ranorex has a QT plug in, but Ranorex is a 30 day trial.

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