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Paltalk 10.4 Build 530

Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk 10.4 is the new paltalk build that just came out the today. since this is a new version we just testing it to find out what’s all the new stuff that it has. Some people have reported that some of the programs are not working property, so we will be updating them as soon as posible. More defenition of this new Paltalk 10.4 will be coming soon.

Old Paltalk 10.4 Builds: 511 512 513 516 517 518 519

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  1. imFiles will be publishing all the latest Paltalk Releases (incl Beta Versions) on our Social Sites and ETC, Like our Facebook Fan page and Twitter! Get the latest and newly updated versions of Paltalk directly which only we can provide you befor anyone else, so as a member and a developer you will know and be ready for the new changes! This will be published only for educational purposes and not under any type of commercial evironments. Posted by ChiNa-Man

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