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Paltalk Classic 11.8 and Programs Still working

I don’t know if it’s because I live in New York or what ever, but currently Paltalk 11.8 is working for me. No long ago I tried using it and it was forcing me to upgrade or it didn’t load at all. But as of Right now I am able to login into Paltalk. I did not have to follow any tricks to login it just install the normally. Also I was trying the programs such as Funtext and they work fine in the old Paltalk still. So try it out and let me know if its just me 🙂

1 thought on “Paltalk Classic 11.8 and Programs Still working”

  1. Hello everyone,
    Well…as of today july the 26th of 2021, this is the config that works by me:
    PC Win7 64 OS
    Paltalk Classic Version: 11.8
    Construction: 806
    Application: v11.8.806.18121
    message is: Good news! You’re using the latest version of Paltalk Messenger.

    As of Paltalk bots, most of them function well with the above version of Pal, including imfiles and china-cheats bots.
    I still use an old one, the very complete Paltalk Bot from you Locohacker, Autopilot, String,
    Paltalk Bot version: imfiles Copyright 2013. (

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