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Paltalk Quick-Register Tool

New Updates: August 2014. Paltalk has now officially removed all Registration Pages from their Website. You can now only Register using the Messsenger. We know that this still worked even after they removal of Registration Pages. Dont know if they will keep or block this one as well. If it stopped working, Please report it as soon as possible within our forums on or simply Comment below. Thank you

Paltalk Quick-Register Tool is program which you can use to register quickly for a paltalk nickname. It real lite and compact so you don’t have to feel all the unnecessary stuff paltalk makes you do in order to get a new nick. To use it is pretty easy just inter all the information for your new nick and click the register buttton, now that’s easy. It all happens in one window so no more having to go from one window to the next to register.

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  1. Thanks Locohacker for giving us new developers a chance to be on the famouse frontpage of Imfiles! This is the first Quick-Register tool for Paltalk 10.x! Enjoy from!

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