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Paltalk RSS Feeder 11.7

Paltalk RSS Feeder is a program use to send rss feeds to paltalk room. You can choose as many feeds as you want. There are many ways to design the messages so it would look as you please. You ca decide what to include on the feed, Title, Description and link. This vesion has being updated so you can use it in paltalk 10.2 build 453.


  • Users can use more than one feed.
  • Text can be color design as the user wish.
  • Users are capable of choosing what parts of the rss to be display in the rooms.

New in Paltalk RSS Feeder 11.7

  • It was upgraded to work with Paltalk 11.7(It does not work for Build 619)

Old Versions: 10.2 for Paltalk 461 and lower. 10.2 v.3
11 For Paltalk 11 v.11.5 For Paltalk 11.5

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