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Paltalk Multi Paster 11.7

Paltalk Multi Paster is a program you guys can use in paltalk rooms to send more then one text at the same time. You can decide what type of design the text should be send to the rooms. You can choose text size, color and fade action as well as other thing to be use in the room. All text are editable and can be save.


  • Users can edit texts even after they have save it.
  • You can save as many as messages as you wish.
  • You can decide how time between each text and more.

New in Paltalk Multi Paster 11.7

  • Upgraded to work with Paltalk 11.7 and up except for Build 619

Older Versions: v.2 For Paltalk 461 and lower. 10.2 v.3
11 For Paltalk 11 v.11.5 For Paltalk 11.5

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