Paltalk 11.8 Build 805

Finally Paltalk Released a Working Paltalk Build. In this Version the Ignore Option has been fixed. We have also good news about the sound on this Build. The Breaking of Sound in Chat Rooms has finally been Fixed. ll though features like the MediaPal Feature and the Video Meeting Library is still not working properly. Othe than that, the new Build should be working fine. Please know that there are some minor bugs and issues. Feel free to report that on Paltalk, but Submitting a Ticket on Paltalks Customer Support Page, or you can also visit Paltalks Bugs page where you can Submit Bugs DIrectly to Paltalk.

How to Fix MediaPal Issues on Paltalk?

Use your Internet Explorer WebBrowser and Visit Adobe Website and Install Flash first. After Installing Flash you should then be able to use the MediaPal.If you use VLC-Player, then please Uninstall first. The VLC-Player overwrides the Default Player used for MediaPal (JWPlayer). The Current Version of VLC-Player 2.2.4 and MediaPal seems to be working for very few Windows 10 Users. We recommend Uninstalling VLC Player and then Reboot your PC in order to use MediaPal on all Windows Machines. That way MediaPal will be using its Default Player (JWPlayer) to Play the Videos.

Fixes and Changes:

* Ignore Option Fixed
* All Options in Audio Tunning is now available again
* Microphone Test with 4 Steps has been added back

What’s in the new version 11.8:

* Reliability improvements made in connect logic and authentication
* Multiple Crash fixes
* Additional quality improvements for stability

Notice: Our Programs by imFiles is compatible with the New Paltalk Version 11.8. We also recommend that you Run our Programs  with Administrator Rights by Right Clicking on the File and > Select “Run As Administrator“.

Download Older Builds v11.8 Build > 652 > 656 > 659 > 660 > 662 > 663 > 667 > 669 > 670 > 671 > 672 > 800 > 801 > 802 > 803 > 804 > 603 > 675

Optional: 806 by @Pac so you can use in Windows 10.

Download Paltalk 11.8 Build 805

39 comments on “Paltalk 11.8 Build 805

  1. This version makes a call to KERNEL.dll that is NOT supported by any version of Windows os before Vista. It will not work with any versions of XP.

  2. The ignore feature is still broken. When you ignore someone who is talking on the mic, you cannot hear the following people that are in line for the mic

  3. from the latest update from paltalk 11.7 build 652, 654, 656,658 and 660 has the problem sound shock weired thing happen not the same usually sound seen build 646! I really hate latest paltalk beta after 646 are working fine. Paltalk really need to fixed this problem
    which is larger pack size and longer delay reduce jitter in half-duplex mode are taking off sound tuning

  4. No isn’t fixed this broken sound and mic jumper with * Ignore Option Fixed
    * All Options in Audio Tunning is now available again
    * Microphone Test with 4 Steps has been added back in paltalk 11.8 build 667 and 670 beta still lose sound broken off lost sound can not hear!! I like paltalk old version are better build 646 and older than that are working good

  5. hello , can you help me about this version,, i use this version but , when i register new nick,, i cannot login,, why?,, thank you

    1. 803
      8 engines detected this file
      SHA-256 c302216ee16bd6edeeb824bfd59e5b1c3e25ebe25b741fa3d2592dff82fd1467
      File name paltalk_messenger_setup.exe
      File size 47.99 MB
      Last analysis 2019-03-11 13:18:39 UTC

    1. That is a “false positive” due to the Ask toolbar offer still included in the installer. Take a closer look at the definition posted with the results. Malwarebytes has halted installation of Paltalk Mesenger for a long time due to this inclusion.

  6. If you would support the classic version of Pal throughout the pandemic Paltalk could compete with Zoom, and in some cases be better than Zoom.

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