How to make your programs pretty lol

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    okie, so some people say is the inside that counts, 8) true maybe, but if a program looks good makes u wanna look at it at list,
    This real basic you pro dont need this, first take a look at my lates program, actually it was conded by MaineNwo I just modefied it to work with the new paltalk. oki it looks like this

    You can download it here if you want, is a whisper for paltalk build 43

    Look at the pretty background, and buttons how pretty lol 😆

    okie first what I did was get the background of the new paltalk, (check on the bottom of this post I put zip file of the new paltalk icons)

    Then the bottuns, the pretty buttons, ejjeje Well for those I went to my favorite spot, vb source code site. And found a great code for buttom (check on the bottom of this post for the code)

    So on my program I added the The user control, which comes with the code, for those of u dont know, just go to project then add user control, there look where u unzip the code file and add the mybutton.ctl. 😆

    ok now start adding the buttons, using the mybutton usercontrol, which will be in the general box of components. ok next open the sample that came on code, call Mision impossible, now u got this choices look

    Just copy and paste it in your program, and u will see how the buttons u put form the mybutton user control will take that color and shape 🙂 pretty lol. one thing u might have to change this property in the buttons where it says SkinPictureName to the skin you using which depends on wha button color u copy and pasted on your programs, like I for example use the first one, so in the property SkinPictureName I wrote MyButtonDefSkin which is the skin name of those buttons lol

    Next edit the button itself you see on the whisper i made how the buttons, have a little pic on the left, where all you need to do to get this is in the button property go to the picture property and look for an icon u wanna use, Also it gives u the choice right n the bottom of the property to where u wanna put it, left right up down ect.. cool heh , there more property but thats my fav.

    Thas all folks, any help just reply

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