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    MD5 Hashs: what makes you think i trojan my programs?
    Friendly (paltech): cuz i was on your webpage
    Friendly (paltech): lol
    MD5 Hashs: who were on my site eh?
    Friendly (paltech): i was
    Friendly (paltech): from your profile
    MD5 Hashs: lmao
    Friendly (paltech): on a nick
    MD5 Hashs: lmao
    Friendly (paltech): hey
    Friendly (paltech): i can look lol
    MD5 Hashs: huh?
    Friendly (paltech): one of your names
    MD5 Hashs: thought you all dont click on links
    Friendly (paltech): the one with caps P??
    MD5 Hashs: PTH Syxx Triggie
    Friendly (paltech): cant remember it exactly its on my other red name
    Friendly (paltech): I dont
    Friendly (paltech): I copy npaste on my old pc lol
    Friendly (paltech): im really not dumb yanno lol
    MD5 Hashs: so what do you think of my site?
    Friendly (paltech): its pretty good
    MD5 Hashs: heh.
    Friendly (paltech): i cant speak for some things on it LOL
    MD5 Hashs: uh huh…
    MD5 Hashs: none are keylogged or trojaned the point is to get people to use them not to fear them and i dont do that stuff ever im not the type of person who cares to steal a nick the person can get back..
    Friendly (paltech): it might have been an ad
    Friendly (paltech): that happens all the time
    MD5 Hashs: so theres really no point in it i’ll have there nick for a few mins and then i wont because they can contact people like you
    Friendly (paltech): hon
    Friendly (paltech): i aint NEver
    Friendly (paltech): turned you in
    Friendly (paltech): see
    Friendly (paltech): some of us
    Friendly (paltech): arent here to shove people around
    Friendly (paltech): IF i talk to you? your ok lol
    Friendly (paltech): but some do

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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