Programs for Paltalk NG

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    It seems like more and more it is tougher to keep the classic paltalk….and they keep offering updates that take you to the Paltalk NG client.  Has anyone broken any ground with have a bot work with the NG client….we use the Trivia and Music bot from another user here……but I am sure at some point paltalk will cut off the classic version all together…..

    Any thoughts?

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    Man so far it has been a pain to program for the NG client I am just waiting for paltalk to make it official that they will stop the old one, but it does not look good 🙁

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    ohhh sad news if not…..during the beta process I did suggest that paltalk create an API to allow programmers to hook into text/sound/mic/video but never heard back anything on that.

    We us a music bot and trivia bot heavily in our room….so my hopes were that someone would come up with a program library to allow you to adapt programs to NG.

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    no way to monitor this Qt5 interface version with Api’s
    anyone has a more positive idea ?

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    Here’s a hint … Qt5 is based on c++ 😉

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