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The Most Advance Flooder Ever :)

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    Well people check this new program I made, is and advance flooder with so much features it will take me all day to explain lol.

    but check this it has

    Fader effect:(contributed by H@cky) this is a cool tri color text effect for your text.

    Save options:( from icebot save code options by ice) what it this does it help you save some messeges for feaute use.

    Time frame: This a choice you got to flood or scroll the room ever 1 second, 10, 20, 30

    Make your links visible on paltalk room:(code was made by Project Sp) Well you tire of making short urls to redirect people to your site in paltalk room, because paltalk blocks your site well this will make some change it to ur url that will make your link visible in the rooms jejej.

    And More

    What I told you the most advance flooder ever 🙂

    Big Thanks to H@cky, Ice And Sp for making this program posible lol ejjeje

    Download it in this link

    look at it here


    for people who wants a flooder with speed options…
    (read the code to know what controls to add)

    sub Timeout(interval)
    Dim Current
    Current = Timer
    Do While Timer – Current < Val(interval)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Label3_Click()
    Label4.Enabled = True
    Label3.Enabled = False
    Palsend Text1.Text
    If Slider1.Value = 9 Then Timeout (0.1)
    If Slider1.Value = 8 Then Timeout (0.2)
    If Slider1.Value = 7 Then Timeout (0.3)
    If Slider1.Value = 6 Then Timeout (0.4)
    If Slider1.Value = 5 Then Timeout (0.5)
    If Slider1.Value = 4 Then Timeout (0.6)
    If Slider1.Value = 3 Then Timeout (0.7)
    If Slider1.Value = 2 Then Timeout (0.8)
    If Slider1.Value = 1 Then Timeout (0.9)
    If Slider1.Value = 0 Then Timeout (1)
    Loop While Label3.Enabled = False
    Label3.Enabled = True
    Label4.Enabled = False
    Exit Sub
    End Sub

    then in modular

    Public Function Palsend(Sendit As String)
    Dim PaltalkHwnd As Long
    Dim PaltalkEdit As Long
    Dim SendKey As Long
    Dim Palb As Long
    PaltalkHwnd = FindWindowWild(“*Voice Conference”, False)
    PaltalkEdit = FindWindowEx(PaltalkHwnd, 0&, “RichEdit20A”, vbNullString)
    PaltalkEdit = FindWindowEx(PaltalkHwnd, PaltalkEdit, “RichEdit20A”, vbNullString)
    Call SendMessageByString(PaltalkEdit, WM_SETTEXT, 0, Sendit$)
    If PaltalkEdit = 0 Then
    MsgBox (“.::Paltalk Room is not open::.”)
    Exit Function
    End If
    PaltalkHwnd = FindWindowWild(“Voice Confrence”, False)
    Palb = FindWindowEx(PaltalkHwnd, 0&, “PALBUTTON”, vbNullString)
    Palb = FindWindowEx(PaltalkHwnd, Palb, “PALBUTTON”, vbNullString)
    Palb = FindWindowEx(PaltalkHwnd, Palb, “PALBUTTON”, vbNullString)
    Call SendMessageLong(Palb, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 0&, 0&)
    Call SendMessageLong(Palb, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0&, 0&)
    If Palb = 0 Then
    MsgBox “.::Palbutton error::.”
    Exit Function
    End If
    Loop Until Palb 0
    End Function

    Function EnumWinProc(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long
    Dim k As Long, sName As String
    If IsWindowVisible(hwnd) And GetParent(hwnd) = 0 Then
    sName = Space$(128)
    k = GetWindowText(hwnd, sName, 128)
    If k > 0 Then
    sName = Left$(sName, k)
    If lParam = 0 Then sName = UCase(sName)
    If sName Like sPattern Then
    hFind = hwnd
    EnumWinProc = 0
    Exit Function
    End If
    End If
    End If
    EnumWinProc = 1
    End Function

    Public Function FindWindowWild(sWild As String, Optional bMatchCase As Boolean = True) As Long
    sPattern = sWild
    If Not bMatchCase Then sPattern = UCase(sPattern)
    EnumWindows AddressOf EnumWinProc, bMatchCase
    FindWindowWild = hFind
    End Function

    Now this is NOT for paltalk 7, but its dead easy to change it for paltalk 7 ,
    Ohh and dont forget to declear functions :O)

    Dont you people think its better to share code with newbies than to complie
    it? at least they will learn something


    Sharing with your so called “Newbs” is not cool reason for they just end up stabing you in the back in the end i only sell my codes if there worth selling other wise like the code you posted which is maddly out dated would be something i would give out 😀 sad thing is giving out old code is pretty dumb when you think about it reason for is its not going to help someone new at programming for paltalk.i tryed learning from others codes but in that case its not teach you how to code its teaching you how to modify stuff now since i have given up paltalk programming only because i have been a paltalk kiddie since 1999 and its getting old real fast now with paltalk updating so much its not worth it when it comes down to it my point im trying to make is if i cant make the program then i cant and i wont ever use someone else code again with that said i do very lil coding but i have made a few good programs without using anyones code other then the code in visual basic.

    with that said if you really wanna help someone give them a code that is up to date and not something useless that code you posted is easy for you to understand but you said

    Dont you people think its better to share code with newbies than to complie
    it? at least they will learn something

    with that said if they were newbies what makes you think they will understand all that stuff there? you really lost me here.

    by the way im not trying to poke a fight im just questioning your post 😕

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