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Paltalk 10.3 Build 502

Paltalk Messenger

Paltalk 10.3 comes with one unique feature than previous paltalk. Although It pretty much the same as the older paltalk 10.2. At the begining it has a new welcome screen which is call Paltalk Live Wall in there you will be able to as Paltalk Describe:

You will be able to see it in place of the current Paltalk Today window that opens when you logon to Paltalk. It’s a great way to find and meet new members who are currently publishing their webcams on Paltalk. On the live wall, you will see a huge selection of members’ webcams. If you see someone you would like to chat with, simply click their image on the wall and you will automagically join the chat room they are publishing webcam in. Paltalk Blog

Old 10.3 Builds: 486 488 490 491 492 497 498 499

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