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Paltalk 11.3 Build 553

Paltalk 11.3 came out with real cool new features, so for the very first time I can see a new build of paltalk that actually has changes easy to see. This paltalk size is huge 48MB.
Here some of the changes.
New IM buttons: IM toolbar now has add Pal and view profile buttons.
Updated volume controls: Mic and Audio buttons in chat room and IM have been reword.
Chat history: You can now pick up where you left off as we auto save IM conversions for you.
Here is one I really like 🙂
Room @admins can now share and watch YouTube videos and Soundcloud songs directly into the chat room! Chat room members can also request songs via the MediaPal button.

Old Paltalk 11.3 Builds: 546 547 549 550 551

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