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Paltalk Spotify Bot Beta

Paltalk Spotify Bot is program that users can use to control spotify via paltalk. This a great program and simple to use specially these days that alot of people are using Spofy to play their music in general. To use the Software, Always Start Spotify first, and then the Spotify Bot & Player Software. Then Select an Album or Track and Click on PLAY in Spotify First to activate the Play/Pause button.

Important: How to Use Spotify Bot & Player 1.1?

1) Befor Starting the Software, Start have to Start Spotify on your Windows Computer.

If you notice then the PLAY/PAUSE button is Grayed out, It means that no Track has been selected.

2) Now Select a Track/Album that you want to Play and CLICK ON PLAY/PAUSE to activate the Play/Pause buttons..

3) Now you can Start the “Spotify Bot & Player” Program. You should be able to use the Controls to Play, Pause, Go Forward, and Backwards.

Notice, If you want to Publish Song Titles and Info into the Chat Room, then first Select the correct Chat Room from the DropDown in Click on START button. The Start button is for the Software to Keep Refreshing the Titles.

Updated 1.1 (21 March 2015) for Spotify

New Options in v1.1:

– New Start button to Keep Refreshing the Titles and Song Name.
– New Titles Showing, Song Title, Track Name, Album Name
– Auto Refresh timer keeps refreshing the Titles when a song has ended
– Old @song shortcut removed

Options Added:
– Play/Pause Button
– Previouse Track Button
– Next Track Button
– Vol Up / Vol Down
– Search Field – Searchs Artits by Name or Song Title

Extra Options:
Fancy Push Button Effect
Showes Artist Name and Song Title inside the Tool
Sends Artist Name and Song Title in the room
Color Chooser
Text Sending Option

Note: This is a beta version so new things will be coming to it such as admin options for user to comand it via room command.

Credits to AutoPilot & Imfiles/Admin for Paltalk Com’s

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