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Stop Paltalk New Beta from Upgrading from the Older Version 11.8

Hello Paltalk Fans.. (Windows 8/10 Users) I Believe that I have something very inportant to share in how to stop Paltalk 1.17 GA BETA from asking Everyone to upgrade from Older Paltalk Version. (Keep in mind this may take time to get your heads around this but has worked for Me)
Step#1: Uninstall Paltalk Old Version By Using Add/Remove Program // to Remove Paltalk and do a Full Registry Scan To Remove any Hidden Data on your System. (Rebooting Maybe Advisable)
Step#2: Double check for any Trace of PALTALK that Maybe still within your Registry Area. Press Keys WIN+R and Type Regedit, ENTER. Then Click on Edit / Find..Type [ Paltalk ] and Check Mark {Data} Click on FIND NEXT.. Hit Delete Key on your keyboard on any Highlighed Text says Paltalk and keep Pressing F3 to continue and Deleting alll Traces until completed. “ALERT” DoNot I must say Delete any other folders within that Area other than just PALTALK which will cause Damage to your system. (please always do a System Restore before attempting any these actions/steps on this Page) Thankyou!
Step#3: Search/Download, Install Paltalk Classic 11.8 806 (675) and Please while your at it.. Find Only Paltalk Folder which has all the files within that as you will going to need them later to Overwrite Only in “Safe_Mode” (Google How to do Safe_Mode) as some files will not be allowed to be Overwritten Already Installed Versions as some DLL System Files maybe using Resources in background in Normal Mode.
Step#4: You will find these Files on Website /Links 1: Scroll down halfway until you see,, Optional: 806 by @Pac so you can use in Windows 10 along with Much Older Paltalk versions which may not work.. 806 I would Recommend to use for all users which are Files Only to Overwrite the older version such as 675. Like going from Windows 8 to Win10 for Example.***Important:: Do NOT accept to log onto Paltalk until all steps are completed otherwise there maybe NO Change.
Step#5 Once Old Paltalk 11.8 675 is installed in Normal Mode.. (Do Not LogOn) Please Restart your computer into Safe-Mode and Copy and Paste all files 11.8 806 overtop in C:\Program Files (x86)\Paltalk Messenger. Once completed – Then your safe to return to Normal “Default” Mode and Log onto Paltalk by Re-Entering your UserName/Password (Forgot Password) (Via Email Inbox)
Notice: Our Programs by imFiles is compatible with the New Paltalk Version 11.8. We also recommend that you Run our Programs with Administrator Rights by Right Clicking on the File and > Select “Run As Administrator“.
Repeat Quick Steps again: Remove PaltalkCompletely, Clean out Registry, Reboot System, Re-Install Paltalk 11.8 675, Goto Safe_Mode, Copy/Paste all files Into Orginal Installed Paltalk (OverWrite them) with Paltalk Files 11:8 806, Go Out of Safe Mode\Reboot and Logon and your Done! ALL the Best with Paltalk 11:8 806 “help/about to check version” !!! The END !!!

12 thoughts on “Stop Paltalk New Beta from Upgrading from the Older Version 11.8”

      1. Hey There Locohacker: I have found and have Proven with Both my Nicks New and old that both work now using classic 807.. Once Installed instead is clicking Esc.. Goto Short Cut Prosperities and click on TAB Called Compatibility then choose a Mode as Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and will run Under Windows 10 without receiving Upgrade Notice.. Try try for yourselves. Thank you and Enjoy; Paltalk Classic 807 Version. This was also from PC Teck Room on Paltalk Website which Works.

          1. This Feed back is Only for Windows 10 and like I have Explained on my Youtube Video.. Paltalk Classic seems not to work for windows 11, But Only for WIndows 10 by Changing some simple Settings in your Paltalk. Short-Cut on your Desktop under compatibility [TAB ] ” ALL Users .. Most on here is looking in the wrong areas or just don’t understand in what I have been telling them.. Here again is my YouTube Video Clip in How to get this Build working ONLY in Windows 10 As Paltalk dont wont Members using it and have done changes at there end so it wont work. Here is my YouTube Clip Step by Step Guide and wish you everyone on this forum does well……. Long Live Paltalk Classic 807 😀 lol Sharing Link Here >> Nullgest7 says, PAL TALK…. UpGrade FIX ENJOY !!
            Posted: 8:00 PM 11/04/2023

  1. Yes But using it one windows XP SP2 or 3 worked for me on both my nicks.. (shut-Cut) Properitys/ compatibly/ mode / below choose All Users and then the old windows.. XP PS2 or 3 Other wise will show up.. Your using the Incorrect Version.. Does not like windows 10.. !! classic 807
    Thankyou for your Replys 🙂 Win 11 will Fail ****

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