Paltalk 11.5 Build 581


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Paltalk 11.5 is another update on the line of the paltalk chat program. One major interesting thing I notice about this new version of paltalk is that the size of the setup was reduce to 30mb in comparison to the older paltalk versions. In terms of what’s new, I really didnt see anything much of… Read more »

AOL AIM Messenger


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Since the last Release of our AOL AIM Messenger a lot has changed, AOL AIM has now become larger in size and supports Mobile and Smartphones like never befor. You can now directly connect through Website and Website Widgets and directly into AOL AIM Messenger Chat. AOL AIM is a Group and one-to-one chat, instant… Read more »

IMVU – Avatar Chat

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IMVU Avatar Chat is Large than Life. Its one of the Most Popular Chat and Avatar Chat online. Own your own Crip and Get your own Yacht and park it in your own Iceland. In Imvu, Everything is possible. Imvu is an International Chat that supports more than 140 Countries and Multiple Languages. Its currently… Read more »

Beyluxe Messenger 694


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Beyluxe is a free popular Internet voice and video Chat program used by millions of people, and thousands of organizations, to communicate, share, play and work with each other on the internet around the world. Wherever you are located you can enjoy our advantages. Watch videos, meet new people and keep in touch with your… Read more »

Ads Killer / Blocker (All Paltalk Builds)


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IMPORTANT: Its very Important you Start the Software with Administrator Priviliges. Simply Right Click on the File and Choose “Run as Administrator“. We are proud to present our first Beta release of the new Ads-Blocker for Paltalk Messenger. The new Adds Killer/Blocker Software Automatically finds your Current Paltalk Build and assigns the Classnames which it… Read more »

Paltalk Translator


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Have you ever wondered what people chat about in Asian Rooms, or Middle Easteren rooms. Or in Rooms where your Language is not supported. Well now you have a chance to sit tight and watch everything be Translated Automatically. Paltalk Translator comes with an Auto-Translation option. Start your Program and it will Automatically grab the… Read more »

Camfrog 6.7 Build 356


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Camfrog 6.7 is the video chat program for people to chat online in chat room where you can use video and text. What’s New in Camfrog 6.7 – Fully re-designed Rooms Browser – Now browse by rooms that are near you, that are the most popular, have the most webcams, are favorited the most, or… Read more »

Media Player XL


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Media Player XL is one of the coolest programs I ever seen made for Paltalk. With this program you can play all types of media files in Paltalk. Features: – Ability to Play MP3 Tracks from your Computer + Show Titles as Your Paltalk Away Message – Ability to Publish Song Name/Title as Away Message… Read more »

TriviaMaster v3.5.03


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TriviaMaster is a program you can use in Paltalk, Yahoo and other chat programs to have fun with trivia questions that are send to the room. Now users can interact with the bot and answer. This program has many features. There is a pro version which you can get to have even more fun. Updates:… Read more »

SpotPaltalk – Paltalk Password Recovery


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SpotPaltalk is a program witch you can use to recover your password from paltalk. Most of the passwords are located within your computer. This program cannot be use for remote password recovery 🙂 so don’t go thinking you can use this program to do bad things lol. This a trial version from the people at… Read more »