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Winamp Bot Mega

Winamp Bot Mega is a Great program which you as a user can control Winamp via the room. You can do real cool suff such as foward a song and Also has mic commands which you can all do easyly via your room.

Complete Player Options:
– Play Button
– Rewind Button
– Forwared Button
– Pause Button
– Stop Button

Other Options:
Hold Mic
Release Mic
Create your own Text befor the “Track Title”
Change Track Title Color and Text Color
Button to Show Mixer Controls
Button Show your Sound Control
….and more

4 thoughts on “Winamp Bot Mega”

  1. hello..i have installed winamp bot in win 10 and had been trying hard to make it work. First. while I added myself as admin and while the play and stop buttons work, the commands don’t work in paltalk chatroom. PLease I need your assistance. Thank you.

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