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Paltalk 11.5 Build 581

Paltalk 11.5 is another update on the line of the paltalk chat program. One major interesting thing I notice about this new version of paltalk is that the size of the setup was reduce to 30mb in comparison to the older paltalk versions. In terms of what’s new, I really didnt see anything much of a difference to other builds. Paltalk most likely once more just updated bug fixes and more.
Updates (Thanks to @Pacman and Others 🙂 for the info)

  • Favorite Rooms are now rooms your follow, and are saved on the net and shown on your profile – unless you change the setting to not show.
  • IM chat history is now saved on your pc so you can look back at later date.
  • New recently used tab in emoji picker.
  • Admin code: Admin code is no longer used in this build all rooms are forced to use the admin access list (this should work after tonight server restart)
  • Show other the room i’m in is now a static setting: The default value for this setting is “Private”.
  • Meaning that the room you’re in is not shown automatically. If you set this setting to “Public”, the room you’re in will be automatically set as your away message.

Older Paltalk 11.5 Builds: 565 570 571 572 574 575 576 577 579

13 thoughts on “Paltalk 11.5 Build 581”

  1. One big difference I notice is that when I go to join a room as admin, I can only select the nick but not enter the admin code. Is it just me having this problem?

      1. if you right click from the room listing, and you are in the room admin list, you just log in as the room admin…if you have the room saved as a room you follow, you right click on it there, you need to pick the owner of the room to enter as admin….I told them about this in consistency a couple builds ago.

  2. Yes, it works okay now. One problem I’ve noticed with build 572 consistently as I’ve used it is when you save a room text, it saves properly the first time BUT if you overwrite it, it becomes corrupted with most of it unreadable and what’s left losing all formatting. So be careful if you’re saving an updated log to make it a separate file and combine it with the original afterward.

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